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2008-2009: AD420-421/ME444-445/MKTG594

Client: Motorola, Inc.

Tuesday 3:00-5:30

UIC Innovation Center unless noted otherwise

Information for enrolled students only, including announcements and emails from the faculty to the class (password required). Students should check here first for late-breaking news.

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Date Topics  Assignments  Handouts
Aug. 26  Introduction Assignment 1: Background Research
Assignment 2a: Mktg. Skills

Assignment 2b: MIE Skills

Assignment 2(c-e):ID Skills (2c 2d or 2e

File Conventions


A Directory of Photos
Sep. 2 Visit to Motorola, 233 N. Michigan   Graphic Capture of Post-It Notes
The Presentation by Motorola
Sep. 9 Background, User, Visioning Research; Team Formation Assignment 3: Project Documentation
Assignment 4a: Mood Board (for individuals)

Assignment 4b: Cultural Mining (for teams in class next week)

Assignment 6: Team Name and Logo

Assignment 7: Ongoing Product Documentation: See Handout
Reading on Project Documentation
The Problem Statements

Prof. Tunstall's slides on Research

A Directory of Photos
Sep. 16 Project Management   Advance reading: The Quickstart handout from Cocreativity
The slides on VOC Research

The slides on Project Management

A sample task list.

A Directory of Photos
Sep. 23 Thinkubator, 312 N. May St., Suite 6A Assignment 8: Prepare for Team-building exercise A Directory of Photos
Sep. 30 Team Building Assignment 9: Report on Team-building for Rob Cooke Advance resources for the exercise (glossary)
A Directory of Photos
Oct. 7 Mid-term Presentation Preparation Assignment 10: Midterm Deliverables Nancy Kotzian's slides about making presentations
Oct. 14 Dry run presentations    
Oct. 21 Mid-term presentations to Motorola Management   A Directory with the Presentations
A Directory of Photos
Oct. 28 Mid-term Debrief; Focus Groups Assignment 11: Moderator's Guide A sample moderator's guide
Nov. 4 Creativity and Ideation; Election Day!    
Nov. 11 Ideation and Storyboarding    
Nov. 18 Ideation for Depth and Quality; Idea Screening    
Nov. 25 Preview of Spring Semester    
Dec. 2 Final Presentations at Motorola   A Directory with the Presentations
A Directory of Photos
Jan. 13 Beginning of Spring Semester Assignment 12: Project Documentation
Assignment 13: Concept Screening
Spring Syllabus
Creativity Session Guidelines
Reading on Project Documentation
Jan. 20 Concept Cards Assignment 14: Concept Cards
Assignment 15: Behavioral Observational Prototypes
Assignment 16: Moderator's Guide 2
A sample moderator's guide
Jan. 27 Concept Cards Review   Example Concept Cards from Past Years
Feb. 3 Benefits/ Features/ Specifications Assignment 17: Benefits Features Specifications
Assignment 18: Midterm Deliverables
Focus Group Instructions for Students
Slides on Benefits/Features/Specs
Example BFS Charts from Past Years
Feb. 10 Quantitative Testing Assignment 19: Quantitative Testing  
Feb. 17 Marketing Plans Assignment 20: Marketing Plan  
Feb. 24 IC Shop and Rapid Prototyping    
Mar. 3 Midterm Presentations at the IC   A Directory with the Presentations
Mar. 10 Design Reviews    
Mar. 17 Final Deliverables Assignment 21: Final Deliverables  
Mar. 24 Spring Break    
Mar. 31 Guest Lecturer John Anderson Motorola Marketing    
Apr. 7 Design Reviews    
Apr. 14 Design Reviews    
Apr. 21 Design Reviews    
Apr. 28 Dec. 2 Final Presentations at Motorola A Directory with the Presentations
A Directory of Photos