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"Classes planned for 2017-18"

IPD classes will work with Baxter, the Order of Saint Francis (OSF) Healthcare, and CAT in 2018-19.
Information for prospective students.


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* Some basic facts for prospective sponsors

* Presentations and articles by the faculty about the course:

    o PDMA Visions Magazine, by Page, January, 2006 (PDF)

    o The slides from the Feb. 25, 2004 presentation by Melamed and Scott at National Manufacturing Week (PDF, Acrobat Reader 5.0+ required, 750KB)

* General interest articles about the course:

   o BiZ Magazine, Spring 2006 (PDF)

   o UIC Alumni Magazine, May/June 2003 (JPEG)

   o UIC News, March 5, 2003 (JPEG)

* Syllabi:

   oo 2006-2007 Fall and Spring

   oo 2005-2006 Fall and Spring

   oo 2004-2005 Fall and Spring

   oo 2003-2004 Fall and Spring

   oo 2002-2003 Fall and Spring